National Security Studies Program

MA in Political Science, Specialization in National Security Studies

The Program

Taught in English over one year from October through September, the International Graduate Program in National Security Studies is designed for students and professionals who are seriously interested in the field of national security in the broadest sense of the term. Students will examine the complex interrelationship between the social, political, ethical, diplomatic, economic and military dimensions of national security to create a comprehensive picture of the state of the nation.

The program aims to prepare graduates, to deal effectively with critical national decisions. The program targets mid-career officials, academics and students from Israel and around the world, as well as retired and active members of defense and foreign affairs establishments.

Facing a long-standing challenge at the center of a mostly hostile regional environment, even decades before its establishment, Israel has accumulated the experience in dealing with national security issues and has developed a comprehensive approach in this field, combining academic theory with real-world constraints.

We will strive to introduce students to real-time dilemmas and choices of Israeli decision makers as well as high-ranking officials, in addition to examples of national security dilemmas from other national and regional conflicts.

In addition to gaining insight about national security, graduates of this program can expect to develop careers in governmental, security and private organizations, which are interested in enhancing their ability to deal with strategic affairs, challenges and opportunities.The course curriculum has been developed by the University of Haifa faculty in cooperation with Israel's National Security College, the highest course of study in the Israel Defense Forces. The National Security College is an established institution that has been successfully teaching graduate studies in national security to military, intelligence and government personnel from Europe, America and Asia. Graduates have gone on to serve in senior positions in their armed forces and diplomatic services. Additionally, the program will interface with the National Security Studies Center at the University of Haifa, where selected students can participate in the Center's advanced research.

Exceptional students wishing to apply to a thesis year in Political Science (after completing the International Graduate Program in National Security Studies*) will need, upon acceptance, to submit a research thesis within one year of completing their coursework. The ability to pursue the thesis year is dependent on the student’s ability to find an appropriate advisor. A thesis is required for those students planning to continue on to doctoral studies in Israel, which is normally completed in the year following the completion of coursework. Students who complete their thesis later than one semester after the completion of their coursework, may be expected to pay an additional fee as detailed by the Graduate Studies Authority.

Upon completion of the program, students will receive an MA in Political Science, with a specialization in National Security Studies from the School of Political Sciences and the Faculty of Social Sciences.

*Students who have fulfilled all course requirements with a minimum GPA of 86, successfully completed a research methods course and have a designated thesis supervisor will have the option to continue for a thesis in the following academic year.

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